Brian Aragon at Underground Skatepark

Thought this would make for an interesting post. Five years ago to this very date this edit was released of one of the many past Summer sessions that were held at the former, now closed, B. Unique Underground skatepark. I hope this bring backs memories to the bladers of NYC who were around at this time and shows the newer generation some of NYC’s history. For those wondering this indoor park was located in Brooklyn, NY and is now unfortunately closed. There were talks of a new indoor park being created at the time but nothing was publicly confirmed.

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One Response to “Brian Aragon at Underground Skatepark”

  1. Joseph vargas Says:

    This video sends chills down my spine I used to skate it b4 it was called underground b4 that it was Called xramps many spills and injuries but it taught me alot of vert skills on top of other things wow I miss those days when it was just about skool and rolling lol shout out to Jon morciglio (lost contact with him when he pursued his rolling career out in cali) wherever u are for putting me in this love affair that I call rolling

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