A Breather at the NYC Street Invitational

The title kind of says it all actually. This edit created by Htat Htut brings you a totally different look and feel to the huge contest that went down last Saturday. A lot of production and technique went into this edit which creates a more cinematic feel than any other contest edit seen so far. Featuring skating from Dave Lang, David Sizemore, Jeff Stockwell, John Bolino, Franco Cammayo and Kyle Sola. “As we all know, everyone was in everyone’s way so this is what I was able to capture. Plus, so many edits covering the event anyways so enjoy this slow pace edit” – Htat Htut.

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4 Responses to “A Breather at the NYC Street Invitational”

  1. phil weaver Says:

    nice edit

  2. JashRuiz Says:

    good shit htat

  3. Htat Htut Says:

    Thanks craig and everyone 🙂

  4. timR Says:

    stockwell-bolino line was amzing to see in slow-mo…

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