NYC Street Invitational by ODNY

“We weren’t suppose to cover this competition but a good friend was awesome enough to hook up the media pass. Immediately when looking at the obstacles, the NY Invitational sets it self apart from all other comps. Offering unique spots to skate like an old beat up Cadillac, constructions tubes, U-haul trailer, and a huge dumpster to name a few. Not to mention that this comp was very reminiscent of the old IMYTA competitions. The obstacles were all put together by the craftsmanship of Jose Disla & the C.O. team along with other NY locals that showed up the day of construction to support and offer a helping hand. New York owes such a great competition to the Bernal Heights Collective–a medicinal marijuana shop from San Francisco whom sponsored the events large prize” – ODNY.

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3 Responses to “NYC Street Invitational by ODNY”

  1. Boooyahhhh Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Best edit so far….great work!

  3. yourfather Says:

    Cesar Macay Have the best edit,but I can do with out ramelle and Jblah talking, someone need to smack that cornball who yelled out BX, other than that Cesar edit this dopest. yall other cats need more work. I think cesar are give class at a skate park near you.

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