NYC Street Invitational Edit by David Bryan

Footage from Saturday’s competition featuring all of the biggest pros that were in attendance.

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5 Responses to “NYC Street Invitational Edit by David Bryan”

  1. SiNYCMax Says:

    Sick Comp, edit could have been better, but good job getting the first one out thier, cant wait to see some edits with quality production that will do this comp justice

  2. duh- Says:

    damn did you see broskow when they handed him the money he was like wow wtf bet he never got that much cash from a blading comp before. thanks bernal!

  3. jeltsen marte Says:

    CJ shud have toke it i was there n Cj was killing it

  4. timR Says:

    better/harder tricks in final- CJ
    Better & cleanly executed tricks overall= Broskow

  5. Devin T Says:

    o shit he was there and he says cj should have took it better listen to him!

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