NYC Street Invitational Sneak Peak

A big thanks to the Create Originals crew for allowing I Roll NY to take photos of the NYC Street Invitational obstacles in progress. Last Night NYC and Boston bladers united and started to create the many obstacles and spots to be use for the Invitational today. Below you can see the first steps into making the contest a reality. Be sure to come out today and see the final products in action.

Two of the smoothest Jersey barriers.

PVC transfer setup.

Wondering how this will be used.

Putting the car to good work.

One of the first spots will be a planter filled with dirt and bushes to give you the real street feel.

BJ Bernhardt’s craftsmanship.

Jose Disla and Joey Scannella working on the launch to PVC.

Dumpster diving.

Putting the finishing touches on the planter.

Launch to PVC in final stages.

Having the competition under the BQE has it’s benefits as the rain pours in Brooklyn.

Billy and Hakeem discussing the kicker to dumpster launch. Reminiscent of the first NY IMYTA.


One Response to “NYC Street Invitational Sneak Peak”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Contest was hotness, so many good tricks…most pros I’ve seen together in NYC in a loooong time.

    Congrats to the organizers for throwing such a fuckin’ dope event

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