Mastic Skatepark Tri-State Skate Session Edit

August 11,2011 filmed at Mastic Skatepark in Long Island, NY.Event sponsored by Tri State Skate. Filmed and edited by Michael Horbatiuk. These clips were all within a little over a hours worth a film due to rain and the enforcement of tube sock elbow pads. Skaters include Mike Interante, Bobby Reichel, Mike Horbatiuk, Bobby Sullivan, Angelo Ferrer,Alex Karayannis and more. 2011 EZ Media” – Michael Horbatiuk.

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4 Responses to “Mastic Skatepark Tri-State Skate Session Edit”

  1. lue Says:

    edit’s sick but that park sucks they charge outsider’s 10 $just 2 skate..bullshit

  2. Rosko Says:

    I think ten for a whole day is worth it. I just wanna know how the F*#K you get there?

  3. Bill Meslin Says:

    It’s a free park, you just have so sign a waiver the first time

  4. rencher blader 666 Says:

    dope edit, that park is pretty tits

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