Central Florida Rolling at Owl’s Head Skatepark

“We started the day off by picking up Angelo Ferrer in the morning. We hit some traffic on the way, so the day already started off slow as it was. This was supposed to be another park session with the locals, but we noticed the park gates were locked up when we passed by…so everyone who wanted to skate just hopped the fence for a quick skate/film session. After that, Angelo toured us around to a few close spots, but we all just felt too beat to get all sweaty again before our long ride home. So it didn’t take us long to decide to say our goodbyes to Angelo, drive Tim to a friend’s house because he’ll be staying in the area for a month, and the rest of us got ourselves comfortable in the van for the trip back to Florida” – Eric Michael.


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2 Responses to “Central Florida Rolling at Owl’s Head Skatepark”

  1. suckit Says:

    that fat egg man

  2. davengo Says:

    holy fucking shit. that last thing angelo did was fucking impossible! thats hugeeee

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