Hoboken Mini Ramp Competition Edit + Pics

Check out the exclusive photos and edit from the Hoboken Mini Ramp competition that went down last Saturday. Congratulations to first place winner Ramelle Knight, second place winner Shawn Martin, and third place winner John Stephens. Edit filmed and edited by Jordan Baez. See all the photos below. All photos by Sam DeAngelis.

Contest hosts Robert Monegro, Jordan Baez, and Gee Lee

Victor Callender

Tim Franken

Stephen Lacetena – AO Top Porn

Shawn Martin – 540 kindgrind

Ramelle Knight – Rocket

Shawn Martin, Gee Lee, and Jordan Baez

Maximo Garcia

Ludovic Bruggeman

Tim Franken – Vertical soul stall

Jordan Baez – Tru top soul

Ludovic Bruggeman – Misfit

Gee Lee

John Stephens

Shawn Martin

Competition organizer Jordan Baez

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3 Responses to “Hoboken Mini Ramp Competition Edit + Pics”

  1. bobbyreichel Says:

    whats with the filming look like u had the camera sitting in a bag of chips

  2. Phil Abrate Says:

    seems more like a pringles can

  3. kelly buttaz Says:


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