Hoboken Mini Ramp Competition Article

Jordan Baez. Photo: Alex Goodlett.

Congratulations to Jordan Baez for throwing a successful event and competition. The Hoboken mini ramp competition made it onto NJ.com, a New Jersey news website. Here’s a sample of the article below. “Jersey City resident Samantha Dunstan roller blades at the Hoboken Skatepark on Sinatra Drive regularly, but today she was amazed. “This is definitely the most roller bladers I have ever seen at this park,” the 18-year-old West Side Avenue resident said. Various groups of roller bladers communicated via social networking sites and word-of-mouth about a mini-ramp competition that took place this Saturday. Roller bladers from as far as The Bronx participated in the event, which resembled more of a friendly showcase than an actual competition.

John Stephens. Photo: Alex Goodlett.

“This isn’t about saying whose the best or not, this is a family,” said Jordan Baiz, of Manhattan, one of the principal organizers of the event. Perched upon a mini half-pipe, various roller bladers waited for their turn to show off their skills while groups of people caught a glimpse of their tricks from just a few feet away. “The New Yorkers come here a lot and we visit them too, it’s really all one big family,” said Gee Lee, a roller blader from Guttenberg. Lee is also a member of New Jersey Blades, an informal group of roller bladers based out of the Garden State.” – Jean-Pierre Mestanza. Read the full article on www.nj.com

Source: http://www.nj.com


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  1. davengo Says:

    awe wtfff i missed this!! damn.

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