Steve Nichols KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Check out the fifth official entry for the KuKu? X I Roll NY online edit contest featuring Steve Nichols. Filmed and edited by Sam DeAngelis.

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9 Responses to “Steve Nichols KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Kitten meowmeow Says:

    dudes the man. FO EVUH.

  2. Jack Haggerty Says:

    pretty legitt

  3. Chris Kolodziej Says:


  4. LULZ Says:

    how my mans gonna enter rockin a bootleg iroll tee lmao

  5. Zeke Kubinski Says:

    That was fucking hot. +2 for the song

  6. nancy Says:

    what’s with these kids adding production to their names. just be your name. this shit makes me hope that rollerblading will once again die and come back without these wannabe rollerblading photo whatever they call themselves.

    do you even know what you can do with your camera? stop using your steady cam. the only reason you use one is because vinny minton did. be original and stop doing what you are doing.

  7. nancy Says:

    why did you delete your comment?

  8. got weed? Says:
    This nigga knows his shit. Stop acting like you know how to work a camera. The edit was completely different than everything else that was entered. Just cause he can afford a nice stabilization system and you can doesn’t warrant hate. Your name’s nancy because you’re a straight pussy.

  9. Harleyadota Says:

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