Tim Franken KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Third official entry for the KuKu? X I Roll NY online edit contest. Featuring Tim Franken while he was still living in New Jersey. Filmed and edited by Sam DeAngelis.

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8 Responses to “Tim Franken KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Lininja Says:

    Don’t wanna be that guy, but that’s a prail.. So disqualification am i right?

  2. phil abrate Says:

    i dont wanna be that guy either but can you do better??

  3. gaykidd Says:

    i don’t think this should be allowed,
    old clips, clips not meant for this contest, prail, all in one spot.

    compared to the kids that

    filmed hard for this and skated many different spots

  4. gaykidd Says:

    and its 31 seconds

  5. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    Funny thing is that people only hate on Tim when they realize they can’t touch him…

    iRollNY for LIFE!

    PS… Its not always about winning. I think its dope that every contestant gets the exposure they deserve

  6. Paul Says:

    Hold on…2nd sldean production…wtf dude ? hahaha Isn’t that there a rule against that? lol

  7. nancy Says:


  8. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    ^ Not true… It was already taken.

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