Alex Nunez & Ramelle Knight in the NYC Street Invitational

Congratulations to Alex Nunez and Ramelle Knight for taking 2 of the 5 wild card positions for the NYC Street Invitational. Alex and Ramelle join fellow NYC bladers Franco Cammayo and Austin Paz to compete in the contest. Congratulations also goes to Tim Franken, Mason Richard, and Jon Fromm for taking the other wild card slots.

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16 Responses to “Alex Nunez & Ramelle Knight in the NYC Street Invitational”

  1. aor Says:


  2. LOL Says:

    This is bullshit.. I bet you Drew Humprey got more vote then all them niggas combined.

  3. Tom LiPani Says:

    Well Deserved

  4. Djskates139 Says:

    This was kinda obvious lol

  5. steven p. Says:

    alez nunez!! should show em now.

  6. stan Says:

    im still a lil confused on this

  7. stan Says:

    i believe it should of been Alex Nunez and John Stephens

  8. Jillian Says:

    i believe it should of been Drew Humphrey and Drew Humphrey…just in case Drew Humphrey couldn’t make it.

  9. stan Says:

    Drew Humprey sounds like a gay ass name just like Trevor Johnson

  10. fagmeister Says:

    at least that dude Tom ain’t in it i feel a whole lot better have you seen his edits…horrible when he skates he looks like he has 2 broken arms with a dick stuck up his ass,

  11. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    Yess! The 2 I voted for are in. Mel is a beast in his own right. He’s proven that for years. Did u go to LMS 2010? Then u already know!
    As for Alex, I voted for him because I feel that Alex is one of the most underrated skaters in the US. He’s also even as good(if not better) than half the Razors pro team, in my opinion. I know he can go toe to toe with Aragon in a game of BLADE & hold his own for sure. YES, I said it!!! U know u all wanted to say it too…don’t lie. Now the world will see how jaw-droppingly amazing his skating is. I know that my comments are going to create some controversy, but I’m a firm believer that controversy always creates cash. I’ve made my picks and these guys are the ones I’m going to go with to take everything. And if they don’t they will both still leave their mark for many years to come. Lets go Fetty! Lets go Alex!!!! I want a NY ni99a to win this!

  12. jacob Says:

    i agree wit stan shoulda been John Stephens and Alex nunez

  13. Vic M. Says:

    Congrats to Fetty and Alex on the invites.. both will rep hard.. GOOD LUCK !!! see yall there.. btw i agree with you jlyn!

  14. deadass Says:

    should have been anthony velez and anthony soto

  15. Hypermike Says:

    Awesome set back , alex and Mel! Great selection I’m looking forward to thins one good luck to both competitors!

  16. John F Says:

    alex is nasty, hes been nasty for years..n trevor makes 95% of u fools look like garbage…hate=envy fucking losers

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