LMS Fundraiser BBQ Box Jam Photos

Lonnie Gallegos – Topsoul. Photo: Sam DeAngelis.

Check out all the photos from last weekend’s Last Man Standing fundraiser BBQ box jam held at The Pit in Washington Heights. Photographer Sam DeAngelis captured the day’s events. Featuring Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Ricky Ramos, Carlos Montenegro, James Perez, Pablo Munoz and more. See all the photos below! All photos by Sam DeAngelis.

Justin Barbot – Sweatstance

Alleyoop Soul

Ryan Many – Backslide

Ricky Ramos – Topsoul

Ramelle Knight – AO miszou

Pablo Munoz – TTS

John Stephens – Front torque

James Perez – Fishbrain

Carlos Montenegro – Topsoul

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One Response to “LMS Fundraiser BBQ Box Jam Photos”

  1. james p. Says:

    sam is the man when it comes down to picss. keep it up bruh bruh :]

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