Billy O’Neill on the NYC Street Invite 2011

“Announced just a few weeks ago, the upcoming NYC Street Invite is set to leave a lasting impression. Our contributor Ryan Loewy talked with Billy O’Neill about the new real street competition the best bladers in the industry have been invited to compete in” – Be-Mag. See the full interview by Ryan Loewy on Be-Mag.

What inspired you to take on doing a comp like this? Who is working with you on this project? When was the idea born?
Well, I’ve had been wanting to do a competition for a few years now. Since the IMYTA series, I felt like blading was missing that powerful energy that comps used to have, so I wanted to try and bring that feeling back. There’s a lot of people working on this with me… Mainly Daniel Kinney, Ray Mendez, Kyle Sola, Brian Lewis and all of the contributing sponsors.

There are 40 competitors that have been invited as well as 5 wild cards. How will the wild cards be determined?
We’ve been discussing a few ideas regarding that and will be releasing that information later on in the month.

How will the comp be judged?
Whoever skates the best will win.

What do you expect from the contest tick-wise? Does the location with its added obstacles cater to a diverse competition where not only grinds are the main focus?
The obstacles and the format of the comp will make this event stand alone. It will be like a street skating session on new and different obstacles, with the best street skaters in the world trying to skate their best on it. It’s going to go off.



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