AOR Issue 1 Volume 2 Online + New Game!

Read AOR’s first printed issue online for free! Read AOR I1V2 here. “Volume 2 Issue 1 is definitely a step up from previous issues and rightfully so as it’s AOR’s first officially printed copy. With the help of local skater Gabriel Gonzalez Vol 2 Issue 1 features 44 pages of easily readable interviews complimented by clean design work. The cover, features Bronx, NY skater Hector Rodriguez grinding a huge drop rail that makes you want to see what else NYC’s talent has in-store. The magazine features photos of local skaters Jesus Medina, Victor Callender, Kevin Cintron, Dave Lang and more” – I Roll NY (first coverage.)

Check out the sneak peak of the newly developed dice game that Art of Rolling will be introducing. I Roll NY helped design one of the many images for the dice. “The Art of Rolling Dice is a new and original way to keep busy and creative while skating. This game offers anyone from beginner skills to advance skills a new and challenging way of grinding. This game can be played by yourself or with your friends” – AOR. Find out more at The Art of Rolling Dice Facebook page.


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One Response to “AOR Issue 1 Volume 2 Online + New Game!”

  1. anon Says:

    YESSSSS!!! finally i will def be the first to pick this up… thanks irollny you’re the shit

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