Taig Khris Announces Rockefeller Center Stunt

“Taig Khris announced at a french broadcast (mid June), that he will jump from the first floor (100m, 328 ft) of the Rockfeller Center in NYC. He will drop 60m (197 ft) tied to an elastic band, detach himself and then land on rollerblades. He almost got all the authorization required for this” – RollerNews. Read the translated article here.

“I have never told anyone, but I will tell you that my next challenge is to jump from a tower in the United States and New York in particular! I want to jump on the first floor of Rockefeller Center. All the authorities agree, I lack a single authorization. I wanted to jump from a tower in New York, but they are all too high. So I go from the first floor. This time, I’ll throw myself into space at over 100 meters in height attached to a rubber band. A jump in the air over 60 meters, then I will detach from the elastic to finish in a roller. I met the owner of the tower, the mayor of New York and all the TV channels. I go back over there soon July 5 for every stall!” – Taig Khris.

Source: http://rollernews.com.



6 Responses to “Taig Khris Announces Rockefeller Center Stunt”

  1. davengo Says:


  2. davengo Says:

    I too am going to attach myself to a rubber band and jump off an even bigger building. I will then stall on a strategically placed stapler and fall into a pile of magnetic paper clips while holding scissors on the same day Taig is doing his stunt.

    Come to mine instead, im bringing Arizona iced teas.

  3. french man Says:

    I’m french and i’m really sorry.
    I’m ashamed

  4. mr hello Says:

    “im going to jump from the 1st floor with an elastic band and cushion and dont forget; im not even going to try to land it”

  5. Dave Lang Says:

    Find out where his hotel is. Steal his skates. And fuck his wife.

    Protest this dumb mother fucker.

  6. Will J Says:

    I second all the motions. That man is an embarrassment.

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