NYC Street Invitational Promo

You heard the rumors of the NYC contest that will give out $10,000. Now check out the trailer for the New York City Street Invitational contest featuring a ton of pro skaters that are scheduled to show up.

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19 Responses to “NYC Street Invitational Promo”

  1. RAY MENDEZ Says:

    NYC are you ready for history..?

    Aug 20th 2011

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no hate but this is def gonna fuck with lms. you got pros comin in 9 days before lms and they gonna get hurt and not be able to compete in lms…guess thats the only way someone from nyc would win lms anyway

  3. v4l Says:

    pros getting hurt for 10,000$ actually makes sense.

    pros getting hurt at the lms for almost nothing at all, not worth it.

  4. dac Says:

    for 10^ hells yeah they gonna be throwing there body around and im so in there to watch shah cant wait yoo

  5. Jose Says:

    Pros are not all gonna get “hurt” in one contest and not be able to make another a week later. There is a DEW Tour contest every week for skateboarders & BMXers in the summer and it was like that with ASA & NISS back in the day with Rolling, so… think how ridiculous that sounds. Thats why they are pros, haha.

    Also having the 2 contests 1 week apart ensures pro will definitely go to both because all they have to do is hang out in NYC for a week, filming and kicking it in the greatest city in the world. Its great for the companies who have to fly their riders there. This date makes a lot of sense really.

  6. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    Y aren’t Alex Nunez, Ramelle Knight, Ralphy Herrera, & John Stephens on that list? How u gonna be a NY nigga throwin a comp in NY, yet the only NY skaters on the invite list are all from Shaolin???? Somethin aint right.

  7. Iateyourmomspusspuss Says:

    i nevver SEEN jeph howard – soemeone needa INVITE him

  8. Zeke Kubinski Says:

    So…just the dudes from Charging?

  9. dac Says:

    Chris Haffey
    Brian Shima
    John Bolino
    Montre Livingston
    Franky Morales
    Chris Farmer
    Jeff Stockwell
    Erik Bailey
    Alex Broskow
    Mark Moreno
    Dominick Wagner
    Joey Chase
    Sean Kelso
    Don Bambrick
    Rob Guerrero
    Franco Cammayo
    Matty Schrock
    Kruise Sapstein
    Brian Freeman

    these are ppl going and more soo read and research before you jump into conclusion.

    Also its a good thing to only have them a week apart bc more pro will come to the last man standing he’s doing us a favor and bringing them out here.

  10. dac Says:

    get off fish’s dick. you been copyin and pastin the same stupid ass comments on rollernews. this is not a good thing that a comp is 8 days before last man standing. this is a dick move. people are gonna go hard for 10g’s and WILL get hurt and will only have a week to heal up if they even want to compete to lms. it might keep these pros in nyc but it doesnt mean they will be able to compete for lms

  11. Danny Says:

    haha DAC, please let everyone know why da fuck they should listen to you. Are you really crying about “all the pros are gonna get hurt”. Seriously you sound like a little bitch hahaha. Explain to us how its a dick move to have a contest 8 days before another, making sure everyone is around for both. You really think pros and AMs are as fragile as your weak ass????

    Also now you say Shaolin aint part of NYC, fuck off you the major hater here. Keep cryin pussy.

  12. Mike bob Says:

    Don’t know about the other ny guys but Alex Nunez should have been invited. The guy is super underrated and been putting it down for a long long time.

  13. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    @ danny. Nobody ever said Shaolin aint a part of NYC. So get ya shit rite b4 u make comments. And I hope u aint callin me a pussy online? That’s some backwards shit rite there.

  14. Juice Says:

    IrollNY is Turnin into Rollernews with this shit. Rather than talk shit either show up or don’t. The ones who talk the most shit usually are the last to support rollerblading.
    Lord Brian said it the best “Shut Up And Skate!”

  15. timR Says:

    would like to see some more NYC skaters at an NYC hosted event organized by an NYC skater…..but will def show up to support

  16. Jason Christopher Hunt Says:

    for anyone out there that has anything bad to say about this shit….SHUT YUR FUCKIN MOUTH! This is how Rollerblading needs to grow. BIG AND WITH MASS EXPOSURE—if anything—it will make LMS better…more people will come to NYC for 10 Geeeezies than for recognition. you cant live off of recognition. believe me I know. 😉 the different between infamous and famous is only one thing… MONEY NIGGA– MONEY. so big ups to Billy and everyone involved in this shit. I may not be there in person—although ill try—but im there in spirit. ALWAYZ. do yo thang boyz…. grow this shit sos we can all eat.. or atleast be given a plate. 1.

  17. rollerblade rep Says:

    im sorry but Ramelle Knight, Ralphy Herrera, & John Stephens are not on the same level as any of those skaters on that list.
    and for all of you who are going to cal me a hater. its the truth, you all know it deep down inside. lol

  18. CARLY Says:

    who really cares just be there how u gonna get mad at someone inviting who they want to come to there own competition instead of worrying about whose going worry about y urself didnt get a invite thats where u dudes go wrong 🙂

  19. CARLY Says:

    And oh yeah FLIPTHESCRIPT Filmed part of this Just to support nyc


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