ONE Photo Journal: Sam DeAngelis #11

“As winter came to a close, the New York City blade scene ignited. In late February, Angelo Ferrer of Art of Rolling Magazine contacted bladers about touring with them throughout the city to shoot some of NYC’s finest before the summer heat took over. We headed to Queens first, not only for the abundance of fresh spots, but also because we rarely get the boot. While in Long Island City Angelo spotted this fashion rail as we skated our way to another spot, and before we knew it Chauncey Jenkins was already hitting backslides. I grabbed my bag, set up, and headed down to see what else he was going to come up with as he threw down a perfect Kind Grind 450. This closed down street shop must have faced East because the sun was set for my shot. I added one flash to Chauncey’s far left to help frame his body and create a halo effect. With a low ISO, F Stop at 6.3, and my shutter set at 1/160, I was able to freeze this action beneath the New York City sun” – Sam DeAngelis.


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