Dominik Wagner NYC Photograhy Book + ODNY Interview

I Roll NY gave a sneak peak into Dominik Wagner’s NYC based photography book, Wasteland, in it’s previous online interview and now Dominik has released it online for all to see. Wasteland features photos from Wagner’s stay here in NYC and includes local skaters such as Shardy Nieves, Franco Cammayo, James Perez and many more. View Wasteland here. “The name Wasteland came up in my mind one day during my trip, I was sitting in the car and it was moving super fast, everything was passing by like a movie. Damaged cars, broken houses, and graffiti everywhere. I started to feel like this is such a wasteland! No disrespect to where I was staying, the great thing about the title it self is that it’s very open to interpretation. At the time being, that’s just the feeling that the title evoked. NYC has so many great places to skate” – Dominik Wagner.

ODNY talked with Wagner and discussed his photography work as well as the gallery opening for Wasteland “From skating road rash, rolling “cleanliness”, and eclectic personalities, these photos capture it all. These lifestyle shots of skating and everyday routines, really come to light through D-wags photography by setting the tone and bringing forth composition and texture to give you a sense of the daily culture and characters that are part of our scene. Dominik was awesome enough to talk about his latest project with us. This book marks Dom’s graduation from Lette-Verein Berlin where he is now certified as a photodesigner” – ODNY. View the interview and more photos from Wasteland on ODNY.

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