NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Edit by Skate Life and Flip The Script

Read the wrap up of the NYC Presents: The A Chosen-Few Competition from head organizer Ray Mendez below. “Saturday June 4th saw one of the first major street comps of 2011 go down in NYC. This year the New York City rolling community teamed up with the folks of A Chosen Few to organize and execute the NYC stop of this competition series. Grassroots skate events are nothing new to our city. However, the ACF is only the second skater run event series that has come from outside of NYC to hold an event here, IMYTA being the first. When Quinn Feldmann called me and asked if I would produce the event I knew that it would take the community at large to make it a success. And that’s exactly what happened. I Roll NY, Hector aka Jiggz & Carley Sanchez of Flip The Script, Dave Toro of ODNY, Adonis Taylor of Evotek, Angelo Ferrer of Art Of Rolling, Jon Ortiz, Christian Batista, Lord Brian of Shut Up and Skate, Kyle Sola, Ears, Shardy Nieves of Your Daily Juice & Kyle Radminski of Billy Hurricane’s Bar to name few.

The intent of the event was to pay homage to the skate comps of years past. Mixing up the spots was a must. Benches, ledges, gaps, and hand rails allowed for the skaters to dig deep into their proverbial bag of tricks… And we were not disappointed. Spot # 1 was at Battery Park, which is the southern most tip of the Island of Manhattan. Things being what they are in NYC these days with Home Land Security, Police presence in lower Manhattan and over zealous Parks officials we were forced to move the remainder of Round # 1 and Round #2 to Staten Island. The premature move to S.I. turned out to not be a bad thing as the ledges on the boardwalk provided for a good alternative to the Battery Park benches. Dylan Hopp, Sean Grossman, Jesus Medina & James Perez were all standouts of Round # 1. Spot #2 was atop a super steep hill that I deemed the Staten Island Alps. As we arrived to Sand Park, as it’s known to the locals, we found the high ledge there recently sand blasted… A ton of wax, aerosol cans used as blowtorches & a good amount of elbow grease were put to use to remedy the problem. Like the saying goes… where there’s a will there’s a way. Dry ledge and all the 2nd Round saw some pretty impressive tricks go down. Chauncey Jenkins, Jordan Baez, Malik Ashby, & Jon Stephens combined speed, power and finesse to standout in their heats and advance to the Final Round.

Spot #3 was meant to be the ledges and rails at the Staten Island Yankee Stadium. A private event (that was not on their schedule of events) was in progress at the time. This supposedly was a private function for the children of area doctors. So… these kids inside had the whole stadium complex to themselves while there were even more kids still outside (namely us) hoping to skate the backside of the complex and have a little fun. Can anyone say uneven playing field? Regardless, we kept it moving. As per Staten Island local and NYC ripper Franco Cammayo we steered towards Boro Hall for the final spot. Two back to back handrails served as our showdown location. A quick rail to flat to rail had the skaters on their toes. 360 topsouls, 450 kind grinds, and even misty flips – the Finals was packed with non stop explosive skating. One after the other the finalist put it all on the line to one up each other. Even the neighborhood NYPD joined in on the action watching the event and letting us rock to the very end. As with all contests there must be a winner. And this one was tough. Everyone laced difficult and stylish tricks upping the ante the whole way through. In the end Jose Henriquez and Chris Murphy were tied for first with Danny Figgz in third and Jon Stephens in fourth. At this point we opened it up to the public’s opinion and although Jose landed some hammers Chris Murphy emerged as the clear victor.

I’ve been doing these types of events for over 15 years and I have to say that although this one turned out to be a tricky one to pull off it was one of the most fun events I’ve done in recent memory. For me it was about the people. Our community. Coming together and pulling it off. The old & new faces. Folks together in celebration and collaboration. Skating, chillin’, shooting, dancing, cheering, laughing, and supporting one another. This city is rich in Rolling history and has long been a Mecca of our sport and culture. We have long been leaders within this industry and done so with the passion and grit that make up who we, as New Yorkers are. With that said, I believe that we are in a new era. We’re in a “renaissance” type era in which the game is now changing once again. Never have our skill sets been sharper (on and off of skates). Never have we been communicating amongst ourselves so intensely. Never have we had so many activities continuously throughout the year regardless of weather. Never have we had so many skate related companies and entities at one time. All extremely active and producing – content, goods and events. Never have we been so damn determined to make this thing that we love work. Make no mistake. Rolling culture in NYC lives through and exist because of us

We, as a culture at large, have come a long way. From being the fastest growing sport category in world history. To damn near extinction and back. Current day we are a group that is on the verge of a major resurgence. People that have long been dormant are resurfacing. The number of skaters is growing and has been for several years now. The current level of athleticism is unsurpassed in any sport. And to boot we are restructuring our industry. There are now more skater run companies than ever before. We are taking command and control of what is rightfully ours without apology or hesitation. And we are doing it for the purest of reasons – for the love. Plain and simple” – Ray Mendez


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  1. aor Says:

    that shit was profesh

  2. v4l Says:

    pretty nice!
    i just felt like i was having a seizure by the ending

  3. mal ashby Says:


  4. los Says:

    that was ill!

  5. Chosen Few, Nyc Street Comp (2011): Skate Life & Flip The Script Edit Says:

    […] Ray Mendez Article on IrollNY. […]

  6. david Says:

    great son choice wu wu wu

  7. AngelFig Says:

    very niceeeeee

  8. lue gonzalez Says:

    sick editing great skating..and my boy mer killed it at the end breaking..fts sodliers.. hollaa

  9. Sheldon Says:

    Sick comp ” Ray Mendez get at me” HARDLINE!

  10. fuckyou Says:


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