Shardy Nieves In Front Of The Lens SUAS Interview

“Shardy Nieves has made a name for himself in the NYC photography scene within a years time. And now that he has hit his groove by putting his own personal style on what he captures, he is on his way to create a living with his newfound passion. Often experimenting with new cutting-edge shooting techniques, he is already separating himself from the sea of just anybody with a camera” – SUAS. Read the full interview on Shutupandsk8.

SUAS: You seem to have exploded onto the NYC photography scene out of nowhere, how long have you’ve been sitting on this photographic talent?
Shardy Nieves: Well, February 2011 made 1 year that I have been shooting photography. Before that, I never had an interest in it to be honest.

SUAS: What is your current goal for “Your Daily Juice” blog?
Shardy Nieves: My goal for the blog is to educate the masses, whether it be photography, rollerblading or just everyday things we all deal with. It’s a reflection of myself in the purest form, through my words and my photography. Once I invest in a good HD camera I’ll start doing V-logs too (Video Blogs).


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One Response to “Shardy Nieves In Front Of The Lens SUAS Interview”

  1. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    My favorite photogapher.

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