Create Originals Franco Cammayo 2011 AM Team Spring Edit

“After 18 years of blading, looking at things in retrospect, the past year alone has been an enormous upward spike for me in the game of life. With the help of amazing friends, and colleagues, I have this compilation of deals chopped together and ultimately created by the wonder team behind OG. The filming experience graced me the pleasure of getting closer with amazing people such as Sam DeAngelis, Cesar Macay, Hector “Tato” Ganzalas, & Dan Fabiano in particular who kept me motivated and were always ready to work around my wild schedule between being a therapist and a blader. The most important ingredient in the outcome of this short would have to be the work ethic and faith in the companies growth and direction. It is about embracing evolution to me. As far as the products go, I personally had minimal problems from the beginning. With constant renovations of the frame mold & compound; I’ve had more or less no complaints. They have survived my blading through the past year and it’s been a fun and fresh ride the whole way through. Always solid and always sliding. Thank you incredibly much to those I’ve mentioned and the dear friends that were around throughout those random sessions. Ya’ll know who you are. Thank you east coast, thank you west coast, thank you all coasts. Shred life” – Franco Cammayo.


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4 Responses to “Create Originals Franco Cammayo 2011 AM Team Spring Edit”

  1. Bruno Delrio Says:

    you mutha …. ❤

  2. Ray Mendez Says:

    F#@k Yeah…!

    Franco is one of my favorite Skaters & Persons ever…

    We are blessed to have him as part of our community here in NYC.
    He represents us on a global level & has for many years now.
    Franco is the definition of what it means to be a skater. He brings his talent & passion, & charisma to the table every time, without fail.

    Not to get all political… But I will…
    I agree w/ Danny Figgz…

    Franco is the very definition of what it means to be a “Professional”…

    If he isn’t “Pro” then I don’t know who is….

  3. edgar Says:

    franco for pro!!

  4. Mike bob Says:

    Wow holy shit that was awesome! Franco should definitely be pro!!!!

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