NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Results

Photo: David Toro

Yesterday’s A Chosen-Few competition was a success despite the kick outs, rain, and spot re-locations. New York City banned together and created a truly genuine street competition that was reminiscent of the IMYTA glory days. Skaters from all over NYC gathered together and took over Battery Park and Staten Island. Just picture 100+ rollerbladers on the Staten Island Ferry while people just look in wonder. Not only did we make our presence known but we also showed the caliber of talent that NYC has to offer. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the competition. Photos and edits from the competition will be up soon. The top ten winners from the NYC Presents A Chosen-Few Competition are all listed below. Congratulations to Chris Murphy and Jose Henriquez for winning and both are now automatically entered to compete in the A Chosen-Few Competition finals in LA. Congratulations to all top 10 winners who will receive both WRS and ACF points.

First: Chris Murphy
Second: Jose Henriquez
Third: Danny Figgz
Fourth: John Stephens
Fifth: James Perez
Sixth: Evan Grimball
Seventh: Jordan Baez
Eight: Chauncey Jenkins
Ninth: Dylan Hopp
Tenth: Malik Ashby

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7 Responses to “NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Results”

  1. side_show Says:

    i don’t see how Chuancey came in 8th. he was killing the final spot.

  2. Chosen Few, New York City Street Comp: Living Color Production Edit Says:

    […] Results (via) […]

  3. jesus medina Says:

    I never get NYC’s judging of the comps. Mad unorganized.

  4. Ray Mendez Says:

    Judging these events is not an exact science…
    & is never easy… There will always be people that are unhappy with
    Contest results or feel that they should have placed higher or done better.

    One thing that is for sure is that it should always be impartial…

    If anyone has an idea for a better system we are all ears…

    This is a group effort and constructive criticism is always welcome.

  5. jesus medina Says:

    before the comp starts give a briefing to the competitors on how points will be calculated. Whether it’s one tally mark for every trick done during a heat, or if style, difficulty, locking, sliding, finessing, one big trick, whatever. Give an idea of what the judges are considering for points.

  6. jesus medina Says:

    Judges should also update themselves on what’s really poppin!

  7. Cisco Says:

    WORD ! jessus is right –

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