Valo in the Streets Session Photos

Group photo by Shardy Nieves.

Last weekend members of the Valo team held a session at the famous court house ledges in the downtown Manhattan area to film for their latest project Valo V. Although the rain kept the session to a minimum a lot of big tricks went down from both the Valo crew and local NYC skaters. See all the photos below. More photos from the session can be seen at ODNY also has three days of photos from the Valo crew. All photos below from Craig Benabu.

Angelo Ferrer – Top soul

Erik Bailey – Truspin kindgrind

Erik Bailey – Truspin fishbrain

Cory – Top acid

Erik Bailey – Truspin top acid

Chris Kolodziej – Soul

Chris Kolodziej – 540 after the soul

Alex Broskow – Truspin makio

Erik Bailey hucking a monster safety 540

Cory – Top soul

Chris Kolodziej – Tough soyale

Erik Bailey – Truspin fish while Narez films it for Valo V

Jesus Medina – Back royale

Alex Broskow – Truspin cross grab makio

Plotting on the ledge

Jesus Medina – TTP

On the other side of the court house more bladers arrived

Franco Cammayo caught mid air for a disaster soul on the flat part of the ledge

Brandon Smith – Back royale

Sam Williams ended the court house session with this roll on the column to front farf attempt. Unfortunately the barrier rail was not agreeing with him.

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  1. Vic Vizcaino Says:

    true kind… damn.

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