Tim Franken Scribe Edit + Article

“The New York City scene has recently lost an asset but at the same time the San Diego gained one. Born and raised in Belleville, NJ, Tim Franken has been blading for about eleven years. As a young athlete looking for new opportunities, Franken saw the chance to move out to California with his brother in order to pursue his real passion in life: Rollerblading” – Be-Mag.

This is Tim Franken’s Scribe Industries Online Profile and last tricks filmed in New York City. So I called Tim Franken up for an exclusive interview with Be-Mag. “I also moved because of the weather… Skating seven months a year indoors with terrible skate parks wasn’t working out when trying to pursue this as a career.” Franken then went on to explain how he has a strong love for New York City and New Jersey that this will never change. He simply wanted to expand his horizons and search for new opportunities. “New York City is always going to be my home. A place to go back to… Where I feel welcomed.” Read the rest of the article on Be-Mag.

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One Response to “Tim Franken Scribe Edit + Article”

  1. anthony Luna Says:

    Sick shit
    tim is a kool Kat
    keep doin your thang homie

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