Dominik Wagner I Roll NY Interview

German Remz pro Domink Wagner came down to New York City and spent three weeks here joining in on our local blade scene. He got to skate with us, hang out with us, and even live with one of our local photographers Shardy Nieves. I was able to meet up with Dominik and ask him some questions about his stay here along with the revival of the Chimera wheel company and his thoughts on the phrase “Euro Chucker.” Check out the I Roll NY Dominik Wagner interview here. Thanks to Shardy Nieves, Sam DeAngelis, and Adonis Taylor for providing the photos.

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7 Responses to “Dominik Wagner I Roll NY Interview”

  1. David Toro Says:

    Looks great man. Dope interview.

    Dominik’s comment about NY girls having the cake had me rolling yo. D-Wag is a very talented chill fella. Hope you make it back dude. Brooklyn nights never sleep haha!


  2. Dominik Wagner: I Roll NY Interview Says:

    […] IrollNY asked some questions to Dominik Wagner. The interview is available on Issu. […]

  3. sean g. Says:

    great interview. dudes the man!

  4. Ynoel Says:

    i wish more books/articles were as interesting as this lol

  5. Juice Says:


  6. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    This is so fucking awesome… excuse my language but this sets the bar for other interviews!

  7. AngelFig Says:

    Great interview.

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