Valo Lets Roll NY Session Photos by Hillel Dov

Victor Arias – Back royale on the quarter to back royale on the bank sequence

Last week’s Lets Roll NY session with the Valo team had a great turn out. Almost every blader in New York City came out to shred with the crew during their stay here. Photographer Hillel Dov caught a few snapshots of the crowd along with some of the big tricks that went down. Don’t forget about the Valo team session that will go down tomorrow. Info/Directions can be found on a previous post. See all the photos from Friday’s session below. All photos by Hillel Dov.

Arias, B. Smith, and Broskow plotting deals

Back savannah

Franco Cammayo – Soul

Ariel Surun – Fishbrain

Victor Arias – Sweatstance

Erick Bailey – Tru top soul

Top soul

Montre, Wake, Broskow, Cammayo and Arias

Alex Broskow – Soul around the curve

Erick Bailey – Tru top acid

Montre working out a deal

Broskow mean mugging

Brandon Smith – Safety air

Erick Bailey – AO top acid

Alex Broskow – Top soul

Victor Arias – Mute hip transfer

Alex Broskow snapping a photo while Bailey laces an AO top soul

Bailey with the locals

Bailey and Ariel

Erick Bailey – Back royale

Julio throwing products

Broskow sneaks in an X stall before the crowd leaves the park

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  1. AngelFig Says:

    the pics are really cool.

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