New York City / New Jersey Edit

Shot in two days of skating featuring spots in NJ and NYC. Featuring skating from Crazy Pat, Trent Olans, Dom Blanchard, Mikey Roman, Montre Livingston and Chris Kolodziej.

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15 Responses to “New York City / New Jersey Edit”

  1. David Toro Says:

    Enjoyed this. Dope piece fellas.

  2. t. Says:

    pretty cool. but why is olans stealing jon swag..not cool.

  3. davengo Says:

    i love the new power team crazy pat, chris and trent.

    quite the variety of talented bladers.

  4. Charmander Says:

    That soul in the water ledge was fire !

  5. charmelion Says:

    good edit but why do they call trent jon jon? (jocking much??)

  6. chrisk Says:

    He hates being called that. Its funny.

  7. davengo Says:

    trent has amazing style and a much more interesting trick vocabulary then the beloved bolino!

  8. Letthisgothrough Says:

    Honestly, Trent’s style is a complete copy of Jon Jon’s. It’s nothing original. He can do whatever he wants, but until he finds his own style the comparison will always be there.

  9. charizard Says:

    AGREED ^^^

  10. t. Says:

    double agreed…

  11. j. staine Says:

    I don’t think trent copies Bolino intentionally. Trent is one to watch out for in the near future. I give you my word on that.

  12. chrisk Says:

    Mr. Staines has it right

  13. t. Says:

    they point is they wouldnt be calling the kid jon jon if he didnt dress or skated the same way..doesnt matter if hes good,we know hes good . but he has no original style period…PERIOD.

  14. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    Who the fuck cares about what who skates like whoever… this edit was awesome!

  15. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Ripped tight pants, broken zipper and shoelace belts define trent. hes not swaggerjacking anyone but i can see the comparisons. hes a fag but a good skater

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