Pablo Muñoz 2011 Edit

“I am 15 years-old turning 16 the end of this month. I’ve been skating for 2 years (since January 31st 2009) I live in Washington Heights across from the pit” – Pablo Munoz. Filmed by Edwin Ureña and Chauncey Jenkins. Edited by Edwin Ureña.

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9 Responses to “Pablo Muñoz 2011 Edit”

  1. david Says:

    heat rocks

  2. Mal ashby Says:

    Good shit pablo!

  3. Jo0se Says:

    Good shit, I was very impressed.

  4. Jeff Says:

    wow Pablo is really good ….keep it up bro

  5. Hillel Dov Says:

    Solid skating. Good job.

  6. AngelFig Says:


  7. soryy Says:

    you are better than me in all ways possible.

  8. jashruiz Says:

    this kid mad good hands down

  9. PABLO MUNOZ Says:

    thanks to all of ya for the positive feedback, ill keep skating hard and making edits for all you to enjoy.

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