Flip The Script TV: Mini Profile: Hector Rodriguez

“Just a little bit of Hector going ham on river hope you all enjoy, stay tuned for more profiles coming soon” – Flip The Script.


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32 Responses to “Flip The Script TV: Mini Profile: Hector Rodriguez”

  1. maximosis Says:

    Best Edit of the Decade!

  2. brazillionair Says:

    it’s a damn shame that if it was any other rollerblader this edit would of been dope.

  3. vic Says:

    real talk , you’ve taken that style and really rock out with it. scarily, i liked this edit a lot

  4. please approve this! Says:

    this guy is a cool guy i guess but skating isnt really up to point he still skates like a 2000 ish skater and whats up with flip the script and the dramatic music you guys need to stop (just my opinion) but yea cool i guess maybe he should stop dancing on ledges

  5. mike horbatiuk Says:

    good shit hector…switchups are insane..only reason people hate is cuz u have so many switchups and people like dude above me cant wrap there little brains around what your feet are doing.2000 style my ass negative acid step over porn 360 back backslide combos out the ass.

  6. ... Says:


  7. ... Says:

    hes tricks aint slobby but the way he skate is n he shud he shud dance on rail that be fun to see

  8. please approve this! Says:

    isnt that the guy polish mike? if it is then you should just shut the fuck up your no better than he is i seen you skate and when i first met you, you told me you were pro i was a beginner but when i seen you skate i still laughed your a clown man! and hector how about you hold your tricks bet you cant do that

  9. oh Says:

    hec is mad cool if you know him , wich is why your judging some on you guys dont know , i wana you , “please aprove this” and “says” and “brazilianare” pull out a edit better than this one i could put a g out my pocket you guys cant pull out that last trick

  10. v4l Says:

    ^ that isn’t polish mike.
    and you are a HOMO

  11. The Voice of Reason Says:

    Were the tricks dope? Yes. Does he look like he’s from the 90’s? Yes. But who cares, those were some sick switch-ups.

    But can we talk about the slow-mo?

    The entire New York skate community needs to outlaw slow-motion in starter rail, 180’s down 5 steps or any edit involving a ledge that’s less than a foot of the ground.

    Please, stop the slow-motion torture!

  12. Shawn Says:

    Not a fan of this, half the tricks shouldn’t even count, unless you are counting stalls, which if that was the case the last trick had 3 and 1/2 stalls being that he didn’t even fully lock the last one… I like seeing hard switch ups but not if they’re done poorly and made look ugly. A simple ao soul full ao soul full out woulda been better than spinning like a retarded Tasmanian devil. Don’t get me wrong he has skills, but not any i like watching.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It always amazes me what this community counts as tricks. Everything he did in that edit was a trick, some were good…some were really good. Get off your high horses guys, he has skills…don’t matter what decade you’re from. I look forward to another edit, hopefully w/ more creative stuff (i.e. mushroom blading stuff would fit his style well)..

  14. t. Says:

    that was a retarded ass edit..i dont hate hector.. i hate flip the script for pulling out shitty ass quality filming..there the ones that made hector look bad.hec is a good skater but wtf is up with the music..like seriously banned fts…. for the most dummest editing. if you see these guys with a cam please do me a favor and knock it off there hands..

  15. Sean Ashby Says:

    from the begining of the edit till the end was crazy !!!!!

  16. Jo0se Says:

    A lot of you are clowns. Rollerblading is a sport of individuality so there is no right or wrong way to roll. Yea you may not be a fan of his style of skating but you cant deny that this man has a great time doing what he loves. Instead of hating on a fellow roller show some fuckin support. I know hector personally and although im not a fan of the Spinning like a top, the man has skills. And “T” why don’t you knock the camera out of their hands. I love rollerblading I cant stand most rollerbladers.

  17. rockawaywarriors Says:

    fuck all yall haters that nigga hec is the switch king fuck yall talkin bout the best ive seen since like 96…..

  18. Orsteezy Says:

    Hector is one of the nicest guys ever and has 1000x more fun skating than you haters ever will, because he’s not caught up with your negativity bullshit. His style is that 90’s fly shit cause he’s been around that long, where were you?? Get em’ Hec!!!

  19. Mirk Says:

    remz and featherlight sale on craigslist check it out

  20. Mirk Says:

    hec killed it imagine what those switchups would look like in a real skate park

  21. oh Says:


  22. Francisco Perez Says:

    ALL YU GUYS ARE STUPID . THIS NIGGA IS NICE . He issthe BEST Legde skater UP TOO DATE . people are qanna hate – crazy edit .
    ( checkk my Vidss on Face book – “Francisco Sleepy Perez” )

  23. WTF Says:


  24. Will Torres Says:

    WOOOOOOOW Joose speaks the truth seriously.. the man has skills i mean cmon who else will you see do “Negative Acid, Pi-Vit Porn, too 270 Backslide tap ……. much respect hector keep it up

  25. Learn English Says:

    Before anyone comments on a video, they should learn how to spell and how to put a sentence together in a cohesive way. Rollerbladers will continue to appear to be stupid if they cannot speak the English language properly.

  26. fuck nyc blading Says:

    i fucking hate nyc blading for this reason everybody here are fucking haters well not everyone but more then 80 percent are always talking shit and never support their fellow bladers they should delete this fucking wackass site because i’m a faggot who loves dick in my mouth.

  27. Carly Says:

    sTRAIGHT UP REGARDING ALL THE HATE SHIT ANY OF U SHITTALKERS GOT SOEMTHING TO SAY SAY IT TO MY FACE AND THATS ANYONE OF U PUSSY ASS ROLLERBLADERS WHO THINK YALL GOT HEART OR TALK OF KNOCKING CAMS OUTTA PEOPLES HANDS I DARE YA AND honeslty all of you niggas who are tlaking shit holla at me ill go film you for free and drop your edit and see what people say bunch of pussy ass people

  28. Nicol Leddington Says:

    YO! I dont skate at all like this dude. But WHAT THE FUCK! HOW CAN YOU HATE ON ANOTHER ROLLERBLADER THAT JUST WENT FUCKING HELLA HAM ON THAT LEDGE?!?!?! I mean that was awesome. Hector- your sick as fuck and that shit blew my mind

  29. Nicol Leddington Says:

    Any haters should just challenge him to a game of skate and see what happens.

  30. Will J Says:

    Because this was an NYC website, I was not expecting a Rollernews response. Sucks that you’re getting all the hate you’re getting Hec, but seeing you skate in person is awe inspiring. And the edit was great! Keep doing your happy feet, or whatever these other so called “rollerbladers” wanna call it. Most of them suck anyways lol

  31. daddyjohnjohn Says:

    dayuumm all this hate nd shyt talk make a nigga dont wanna post no edith on this website….whats the point of tlaking shyt and put your name anonymous lmaooo…. dats sum pussy shytt.. but yeah good shyt hector #respect… kool guy man..

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