Freeze Fame: Riczi Kovaks

“After recently dislocating and severely spraining my ankle I decided it was time to man up, take the brace off, and go skating. I recruited my friend Riczi Kovaks to come along for the ride. After driving around Bath, NY looking for interesting and new street spots we decided it best to hit up the park. After doing a couple of warm up tricks on some mini rails I was feeling good and decided to bring out the camera. This photo was taken using my Sony HDR CX-100 with a .42 macro lens. Riczi was behind the camera snapping off shots of myself doing several tricks on a down ledge. The makio looked the best out of them all plus the black and white just fit the whole atmosphere of the day. It’s really great seeing new skaters come to our small town. I used to be the only rollerblader around and now there is at least four or five. I’m just pumped to see people enjoy it as much as I do even if i do lack in skill” -Nick Bagley.


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