Harison Hadzovic 2011 Teaser

15 year old Harison skating at River Ave skatepark in the Bronx and downtown Manhattan. Filmed by Eddie Esteves and Elias Hadzovic.

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4 Responses to “Harison Hadzovic 2011 Teaser”

  1. bruno delrio Says:

    really impressed!!

  2. kazberukmichael@yahoo.com Says:

    i say its good i like it batter then the other crtics but my man u need to get batter at skaten not trick wize it looks like u strugelin a litel bit but good shit

  3. oh Says:

    i belive harison only been skating for a year theres always time for inprovment my man^

  4. Harison Says:

    …hint the word teaser

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