Hyper Mike RESPECT Article on SUAS

“On the 21st day of March in the year of 1982 in New York City, Hyper Mike was born. He grew up in Spanish Harlem, NYC where many legendary skaters were born. Rollers such as Rawlinson Rivera, Ryan Jacklone, Ron Hunter, Ray Mendez, Calvin Sayles, Danny Ortiz, and his good friend Joel Hinds lived and rolled to their fame. These professional skaters ain’t nothing to mess with in our aggressive skating history…sort of like the rap game back then so he definitely had a lot to live up to if he wanted to make an impact in the NYC blading world. Mike started out as a little grom in our sport by learning the basics of street skating at the age of 9 in the mean streets of Spanish Harlem. Skating came naturally to him since he pretty much taught himself how to skate street by jumping off of 2 steps to then learning how to go down the huge park slides in the Jefferson Projects” – SUAS. Read the full article on http://shutupandsk8.wordpress.com.

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