One Day with James Perez + Bonus Edit

“All filmed one afternoon around the neighborhood. Originally for something else but we decided to just drop an edit for I ROLL NY!” – Joey Rojas

Check the comedic edit from the Evotek crew featuring an animated version of James Perez. “Yeah you thought we weren’t working on a James Perez edit huh? BAM! But seriously we’re working on the JP edit so stay tuned” – Evotek Crew.


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11 Responses to “One Day with James Perez + Bonus Edit”

  1. Will J Says:

    The evotek edit was the best edit I have ever seen on IRollNY :-D. And James you da man! But I had to pause the video for a sec to see if you were wearing a big ass diaper. Still the man though, enjoyed the edit through and through! First! Lol. Always wanted to say that lol

  2. James p. Says:

    HHAHAHA THXZdude nd that was funny haha diaper.

  3. Will Torres Says:

    and thats the way the cookie crumbles hahaha sweet edit brother keep it up we gotta get up and roll

  4. Cali head Says:

    Fuckin awesome, best spins

  5. Will J Says:

    Should’ve worn a diaper though. Someone please wear a diaper for your edit! And not on Halloween šŸ™‚

  6. Darrel Says:

    Nyc holdn it down

  7. v4l Says:

    will j, not funny……

  8. Will J Says:

    @v4l My bad man, I thought you came to see James’ awe inspiring skating, and not to read the funny comments. Next time I’ll pull something off my funny stuff notebook, just for you homie.

  9. v4l Says:

    k thx

  10. aor Says:

    hahahah loved this one day edit. bs savannah onlock! an last trick ughhmazing

  11. Max Haffey2 Staten Island Says:

    You so humble James, met u today in NYC at tribeca park. i knew i seen your edits over here u da man hope to keep skating with you soon, Max from Staten Island

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