Sean Kelso Carbon 2 + Black/White USD Imperials + Chris Farmer Xsjado 4.2

Check out the black and white USD Imperials and the Chris Farmer Xsjado 4.2 with new foot wrap below.

SK Source:
Xsjado/USD Imperial Source:

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10 Responses to “Sean Kelso Carbon 2 + Black/White USD Imperials + Chris Farmer Xsjado 4.2”

  1. USD Carbon II Sean Kelso, USD Black & White Imperials, Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.2 Says:

    […] Pictures source: azninabeyance, bakerized (via). […]

  2. Mirk Says:

    why the hell does the white sneaker have gay cowboy dangling things by the heel

  3. United.By.Art Says:

    those xsjados are sick

  4. YA BOI Says:

    the carbon 2s are looking nice but i deff wouldnt go with that strap lol ew

  5. Says:

    to all the fellow rollers uz got to under stand thats farmer sk8 ya thats who he is and thats his style thats why its his name on the sk8 any body wuld be proud to see there name on the sk8 pluss they have batter streeps on them but pless to the usd compeny can u make the normal carbenz a littel bit less money some people are not abel to afford them people got bills to pay ya only the team riders can do what they pless wich im not heatin is just the truth ya but im happey for them that they still be on top

  6. Says:

    an ya i wuld rock them sneakers whit nice pants and they are to gay ya every one got there own teast an im sorry for my spellin ya no one is perfect

  7. t. Says:

    i might just switch over to xsjados those farmers 4.2 look awesome ill cut those cowboy strap on though.

  8. v4l Says:

    lmfao at kazberukmichael’s comments. hahahahahahahahha

  9. kyle Says:

    my head hurts after trying to read that ^^^
    the all whites look ill. the materials on the kelso’s look cheap. the imperials shouldnt have those rivets/ studs in the leather.

    the kelso’s have a great color

  10. Βιολογικος Καθαρισμος Says:


    […]Sean Kelso Carbon 2 + Black/White USD Imperials + Chris Farmer Xsjado 4.2 «[…]…

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