BCSD The Experience: Episode 1

“In Feburary 2011 the Evotek crew and 3/5ths of Dipskate went on a 12 hour drive to the magical land of Michigan. Armed with cameras, a GPS, beer, and a give em hell attitude, these individuals documented their journey and participation in Bitter Cold Show Down 2011, one of the largest and “bitter cold” of all showdowns. Experience in wonderful 2D! the mind blowing excitement of being in a car for 12 hours with 6 people!” – EvoTek Media

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4 Responses to “BCSD The Experience: Episode 1”

  1. Jo0se Says:

    Yo john how you gonna curse during the prayer? For that jesus is gonna poke you on FB

  2. YA BOI Says:

    “hey guys what time we looking at right now?” – “f*ck you” mad funny

  3. David Toro Says:

    LOL Ado is the man.

  4. heightsrolla Says:

    Funny as hell!

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