Chris Murphy 2011 Edit

“These are some clips leftover from his peep game profile i made, along with some new clips in his new USD carbon 2s. enjoy it suckas” – Sean Grossman.

Check out Chris Murphy’s section from Peep Game previously posted on I Roll NY.


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9 Responses to “Chris Murphy 2011 Edit”

  1. X Says:

    Shit was gangsta

  2. popcorna402 Says:

    a lil rough around the edges stylewise but dude is a beast and skates whith authority ,oh and switch and nat.360 grinds killer ,good edits…

  3. Tim Taylor Says:

    “a lil rough around the edges stylewise” he can do fakie backflips. your argument is invalid.

  4. nick orena Says:

    best skater

  5. dac24 Says:

    switch tru spin mizo to sweety …. crazy nice edit murpy

  6. Glenn Jersey Says:

    Nick Orena I hate to break it to you but YOUR THE BEST SKATER!!! you floppy ankled son of a bitch..Murphy sweet edit and Sean all i have to say is omelette du fromage

  7. mirk Says:


  8. mirk Says:

    that means im speechless

  9. Sean Grossman Says:

    i’d like to thank everyone for the comments. and the show of love to mr. murph. HD edits will be in place of my dvx from now on

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