Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Edit

“On April 9th, Hyper Mike held a competition at the Pier 25 skate park in Manhattan. The turnout for this battle style/jam session competition was great. Skaters from all over the Tri-State and NYC came out to watch the one on one battles and session the park. Among these bladers were Franco Cammayo, Hector “Tato” Gonzalez and special guest Dominik Wagner who came out to experience the NYC skate scene in full effect. Enjoy this edit by Sam DeAngelis and stay tuned for more competitions from hypermikenyc.com all Spring/Summer long!” – Sam DeAngelis. See more photos from the competition on Be-Mag.


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2 Responses to “Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Edit”

  1. kazberukmichael@yahoo.com Says:

    yo its amezin how nyc skaters startin to bring the sport back out agin in wich im happey off how mikey is bringen out the young cat to sk8 az one family ya shout out to my peepz and to i rollny ceep it comin ya and let them have it

  2. ray Says:

    I used to skate with t.w.s just about everyday. I don’t know why Mike left out a major key member and founder of t.w.s. just about all of us looked up to him and joel,We used to always gather at his building like 20 of us,I think his name was drew, Andrew. Drew and joel were best friends when we was growing up. Even before t.w.s you could find these 2 together.The three of these guys gave us poor kids hope, and kept us off the streets. I learned to be social,conquer my fears, most important they gave me Confidence.

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