Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Highlights

Franco Cammayo – Crossgrab backslide

Yesterday’s Pier 25 competition was a great turnout. A lot of skaters came out to watch the one on one battles and session the park including special guest Dominik Wagner who came out to experience the NYC skate scene. Check out all the photos below from the highlights of the one on one battles. Photos include James Perez vs Trent Olans, Carlos Montenegro vs Hector Rodriguez, Will Torres vs Chris Kolodziej, as well as photos of the after session.

Trent Olans – Front Savannah

James Perez – Fakie inspin topsoul

Trent Olans – Backslide

James Perez – AO fish

Trent Olans – Soyale

James Perez – Fakie outspin topsoul

Trent Olans – BS savannah

James Perez – Truspin topporn

Trent Olans – Truspin acid

James Perez – Front savannah

Trent Olans – Fullcab tru miszou

James Perez – Fullcab back royale

Trent Olans – Fakie inspin negative acid

James Perez – Fullcab soyale

Trent Olans and James Perez congratulating each other

Carlos Montenegro – AO top acid

Hector Rodriguez – Front savannah

Carlos Montenegro – AO fish

Hector Rodriguez – Front farf

Carlos Montenegro – 270 back royale

Hector Rodriguez – Soyale

Carlos Montenegro – Front savannah

Hector Rodriguez – Front farf pivot savannah

Chris Kolodziej – mute grab royale

Will Torres – AO topacid

Chris Kolodziej – Negative Acid

Will Torres – Truspin porn

Chris Kolodziej – AO topsoul

Will Torres – Negative mistrial

Dominik Wagner and his Forever Now photo series.

Josue Diaz and Shardy Nieves

Tim Franken – Backslide

Dominik Wagner – Front farf

James Perez – Unity

Modesto Tito – Topsoul

Hector “Tato” Gonzales – Topsoul

James Perez – BS torque

Will Torres – AO negative mistrial

Dominik Wagner – Front torque

Carlos Montenegro – BS torque

James Perez – BS fastslide

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4 Responses to “Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Highlights”

  1. Ayo! Says:

    hector happy feet did front farv pivot unity not savannah.

  2. irollny Says:

  3. mr hello Says:

    Josue Diaz and Shardy Nieves and a Pirate

  4. Jo0se Says:

    Damn i look like a giant next to Josue.

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