ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Winner + Bonus Entry

Thank you to everyone who entered the ODNY X I Roll NY online edit contest. Unfortunately there could only be one winner. On behalf of David Toro and ODNY we really appreciate all the people who took the time out film, skate, and edit for our contest. Although there were plenty of entries, certain rules of the contest were broken in submissions leaving us with a hard decision. With that being said, the winner of ODNY X I Roll NY online edit contest is Anthony Chen. This was a very difficult choice as all the entries were great. We would also like to show our appreciation to local skater Joey Lunger who unfortunately broke his ankle while filming for his entry. We hope you heal up fast and will be sending you shirts for your efforts. David Toro puts our decision best saying, “The winner is Anthony Chen with his edit from Shanghai, China which was produced by Paul Imperio. The edit was put together quite impressively and amongst most things, we felt super honored that someone would choose to represent our city a long way from home. That being said, we’re sending you your three shirts ASAP Chen. On another note though, we do feel awful about Joey Lunger breaking his ankle for the contest so we’re sending him a few shirts as well for putting the time and effort into producing something worth watching. Hope you recover soon dude. To everyone else who participated and supported, thanks a million! Thank you for also doing your best to follow the rules! We truly appreciate it and hopefully we can get more companies to collaborate with I Roll NY and help get the NY scene motivated to build. Be on the lookout for the next contest featuring our new line of shirts. Boom!” – David Toro.

Stay tuned for the next I Roll NY contest which is already in the works. In the meantime check out the bonus entry from Floridon Gjongecaj who unfortunately sent this in two days after the contest was over. Again, thank you to everyone who created an entry.


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5 Responses to “ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Winner + Bonus Entry”

  1. thecreator Says:

    where are these ledges at exactly

  2. Jon "JLyn" Ortiz Says:

    Wooo! Congrats Anthony! U deserve it!

  3. Will J Says:

    I second the “Where is this spot?” question…. So…. Where’s the spot?

  4. irollny Says:

    it’s at P.S. 105 in the Bronx between brady ave and lydig ave

  5. Maximosis Says:

    You guys should take all the entries and put them together as a youtube or vimeo this would make a great little free video and help marketing ODNY you guy are awesome much respect.

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