Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal #2

“For about a year there’s been an image in my head of a photo I wanted to capture. And I wanted to make sure that when I did it, it was done right. Lighting and location and timing are always important to me, but what’s also important is the correct subject to photograph. For this shot I chose Evan Grimball, a 21-year-old New York City local. Taken on what was one of the cooler nights in the city this year, I set up two Nikon SB 600 Speedlights to create cross lighting, and had the busy sidewalk of 14th St. cleared (easier said than done). The photo of Evan’s Fishbrain came out exactly how I had visualized it, and I’m more than satisfied. Evan is an amazing skater, and definitely an upcoming talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly” – Shardy Nieves.



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9 Responses to “Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal #2”

  1. Hillel Dov Says:


  2. mirk Says:


  3. mirk Says:

    nice shot

  4. CHEN Says:

    Damn Shardy, thats a sick fuckin shot for sure

  5. Jo0se Says:


  6. joey lunger Says:

    Ill pic

  7. jamesm Says:

    evans a g with it

  8. jesus medina Says:

    Though Evan’s grind is stale this is still a good pic

  9. Mano Says:

    blakyy jakyyy

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