Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy

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“I’ve been living in NYC for the past six months and one thing that I love is the accessibility to the community. You can go almost anywhere and find people blading. The other night I headed out to Union Square to meet up with Shardy Nieves and ended up meeting up with a group of bladers as well. Recently, I have been getting into the slower shutter/flash combo, which looks best at night. Evan was doing some Royales on this rail and I decided to set up shop and get some deals whilst at Union Square, using the slow shutter technique. After a few tries and tinkers with the lighting set up, I grabbed this deal. Shot at 1/5 of second at f/3.5, ISO 800 on a D300 with a Sunpak 544 camera off camera at 1/4 power triggered by Bowen’s Pulsars” – Ryan Loewy

I Roll NY introduces it’s newest submitted photo series titled “Freeze Fame.” Similar to ONE Magazine’s Photo Journal but exclusively for the photographers and skaters of New York City and the greater New York area. Submit your photos and stories to


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2 Responses to “Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy”

  1. Jo0se Says:

    Good shit, i’m really diggin this shot

  2. UH BABY! Says:

    LOL fuck ONE MAG.

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