Alexander Macias ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Alexander Macias’ entry for the ODNY X I Roll NY contest. There’s only one more day left to submit your entries!



16 Responses to “Alexander Macias ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Cooper Sampson Says:

    I guss irollny has never seen colombus circle before….

  2. v4l Says:

    i liked it,
    except for the pictures in the beginning and end

  3. critic Says:

    this entry was mad creative the spot were ill and the tricks were simple but crazy , i think alexx deservesss to wwin

  4. we out here Says:

    he not out here!

  5. wtf is this? seriously ??? what is this ? Says:

    most of the spots he skated have been skated before and have been on videos before. he should be disqualify , clearly people dont know how to read

  6. kid pat Says:

    this is one of the best entrys in my opinion

  7. Randomness Says:

    He should be “disqualify”? Really? I don’t think u should be criticizing ne1’s reading ability when u clearly have grammar issues

  8. john suan Says:

    yea alex kills shit , i cant even pull out some of those tricks either this shit was fire hes got my vote , just please dont true spin my moms lol

  9. potty justice Says:

    mad random 540s and he makiod a wall this shit was SWAG fuck the hatters

  10. angelo nieves Says:

    dude alex is legit ! just a body of awesomeness good to see alex has those little punks who enjoy watching videos of others and try to make fun of them its insanity! keep sipping on that juice!

    umm irollny two shirts for this guy right here! on the double!

  11. Randomness Says:

    Georgia Muscle nicca!!!!!

  12. UH BABY! Says:


  13. timmy Says:

    all yah hatters should just hang yah selves in mi oppinion, i feel everybody should get thier respect for putting themselves out there. If yu don’t have a video in the contest then yu should only be giving good comments or constructive criticism bc yu have no right to negativly judge anybody. now with that being said in mi oppinion alex should win bc this video has it all humor [this first pic] original nd creative spots, creative yet simple tricks, nd that last pic im not ganna put his bussness out there ode but the basic story bout that girl is he met her skating, nd they became really good friends, that last pic brought a sence of pure happiness…now mi constructive criticism it could have been a bit longer but yu a trip alex wit that song lmao0…GEORGIA MUSCLE NICCA!!!!!!

  14. \YAAAA BOII Says:


  15. Denser Says:

    this edit wasn’t all the great honestly and it disobeyed most of the rules set in for the contest so automatically your disqualified but word of advice be a little more professional about what you do you don’t see i roll ny going around cutting ass saying they true spinned there moms when people were hating on it. just because people hate on you or give you a little negative criticism dosent mean you have to be immature about it take it like a man and keep it pushin!

  16. You KnowWhatItIs Says:

    All them years of skating and you drop this? smh….go back to your drawing board….and burn it!!

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