Joey Lunger ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Joey Lunger’s entry for the ODNY X I Roll NY contest. We wish Joey a speedy recovery for his injury while filming.


15 Responses to “Joey Lunger ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. Dan Barletta Says:

    dude killed himself for this edit and it shows

  2. um yea Says:

    um if im not mistaking those spots have been filimed/skated before ok i guess

  3. mr wagonnut Says:

    kids mad cocky , but the skating was the worst part

  4. Bruno Delrio Says:

    Dude quit the crap talking and hating hows he cocky? and the skating was great! hater!

  5. wowzers Says:

    i thought it was alright some of the creative skating wasnt to good but fuck hopes hes ok watching that hurt me!

  6. ok Says:

    the skating wasnt that bad but there was no need for slow mo the skating was slow enough

  7. Judge Says:

    Great video shows dedication and effort which lacks in all the other edits here. great skating keep it up good luck with the ankle

  8. Randomness Says:

    Only 3 entries???!!! I wanna see more. Nice edit tho.

  9. critic Says:

    he skated and filmed all these spots in his other i thought the soots were to be unknown?

  10. davengo Says:

    you guys are buggin. this kid is good. a lot of creative tricks here.

    heal up fast man.

  11. tom anciller Says:

    i dont know how you could say he’s cocky by watching a video but the kid kills it everyday and he deserves, one of the most dedicated rollers i know and now hes out for a solid 2 months, guaranteed a killer edit when he gets back on his foot.

  12. bigddady john john Says:

    shyt wass guud wats guud withh da haterss tho -___- get betta meng

  13. wtf is this? seriously ??? what is this ? Says:


  14. dont worry Says:

    I hear after he heals hes done with rollerblading for good

  15. v4l Says:

    great skating, but definitely isn’t a winner.
    get well soon

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