Wasted Talent “We Still Here” Trailer

“This is an Edit/Trailer Features Music by Ramelle “Fetty” Knight of his Mixtape “Start”. Riders include Mikey Roman, Mal Ashby, Jose Henriquez to name a few more. Look out for the long overdue Mixtape from Street Mechanics called “Wasted Talent” Featuring Music from Wiz Khalifa, Jay Electronica, Tyler the Creator, Redman and many more” – Mike SP.


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7 Responses to “Wasted Talent “We Still Here” Trailer”

  1. Jan Says:

    I agree these skaters are amazing but calling the mixtape wasted talent..really kinda is a negative term Mike just sayin i get what your goin for but franco and mel get sections in videos they arent wasting their talent ya feel me holla

  2. Killa Says:

    Ayo mel u killed that track!

  3. c2g Says:

    “there’s nothing is this world worse than wasted talent” – good fellas
    i love that movie; think the guy added an old skewl chyme to it… yet to watch but thinking it’s got some og’s

  4. c2g Says:

    hah mean a bronx tale*

  5. read this Says:

    the book 48 laws of power by robert green

  6. willB Says:

    What spot are they skating at in the beginning?

  7. Ray Mendez Says:


    Get it…

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