Fitted Review Trailer

“This is the Final trailer released for the already available “Fitted” DVD brought to you by iMagyneThat. The Hype has been very well documented and understood that Fitted is one of the better NYC videos to date. Fans can only compare to such great films as Nickle and Dime, Live From NYC and the B Unique films. The film features 35 minutes of profiles and montages from the talents of Ramelle Knight to Tim Franken and montage footage from Franco Cammayo to Julian Flanders and a great deal more. The Video is available worldwide and for those whom seek a copy in the US those who carry it in stock include,,,,,,,,, Flatlines Skateshop, RadSkatePark and Many More worldwide” – Joe Perez.



3 Responses to “Fitted Review Trailer”

  1. v Says:

    pimp slap !!!!!

  2. Alex Says:

    nikka got snuffed! lmfaooo

  3. bobby chuck Says:

    wow, this movie looks really whack… and ramelle knight sucks.

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