Pier 25 Session Photos

Tim Franken – Topsoul transfer back savannah

Saturday, March 12th, there was a huge session held at the Pier 25 skate park where bladers took over the place for the whole day. Skaters from New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx all came out to session the latest NYC park. Check out all the photos below from the session featuring Adonis Taylor, Franco Cammayo, James Mandato, Matt DeFrance, Modesto Tito, Tim Franken and more. All photos by Craig Benabu.

Franco Cammayo – Disaster fakie inspin topsoul

Adonis Taylor -Fakie inspin topacid

Tim Franken – Transferring from topsoul to back savannah

Franco Cammayo – Fishbrain stall

James Mandato – 270 BS royale

Matt DeFrance – Sweatstance

Franco Cammayo – Wheel barrel fishbrain up

Adonis Taylor – Fakie inspin topsoul

Modesto Tito – Transferring from pornstar to tru miszou

Franco Cammayo – Front farf up

Franco Cammayo – Front farf up angle 2

Malik Ashby, Quang Trinh, and Danny Figgz ending the day.

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