Jesus Medina Summer 2010 Edit

“This is an edit of some clips filmed of Jesus Medina over this past Summer 2010. The edit not only includes some awesome skating, but also some clips from our adventures in the back woods of upstate New York, which has a bountiful and beautiful natural environment. I have known Jesus since the Summer of 2008 when I first moved to New York City. Jesus is a comedian and a good friend. For someone who skates sporadically for less than half of the year, Jesus still lays down some tech tricks with some classic yet fresh New York style. Let’s see what 2011 has in store!” – Sean Agoliati.

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9 Responses to “Jesus Medina Summer 2010 Edit”

  1. $uki Says:

    Dude is a BEAST! sick edit!

  2. edwin u. Says:

    Jesus get it in!…props

  3. Will J Says:


  4. evang Says:

    Smh numb ass edit cough cough.Haha
    Marina is the man!

  5. v4l Says:

    great skating but skates a little to slow and sloppy. other than that good stuff

  6. jesus medina Says:

    v4l you’re preaching to the choir. Believe you me if I was half serious with this edit only 2 of the these clips would’ve been in it. The slow and sloppy tricks are relative to the conditions of those certain spots. The voice over was intended for a serious edit other wise I wouldn’t ever had announced this edit as being my first.

  7. v4l Says:

    ^ ok cool i guess

  8. Vic Vizcaino Says:

    so sick. full cab bs sav and the true top porn were laced!

  9. jesus medina Says:

    Yeah dude it is cool

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