Columbus Circle Edit

Skating by Gerson Melendez, Alan Lopez, Nelson Miranda and Angelo Nieves. Filmed by Nelson Miranda, Alan Lopez, and Angelo Nieves. Edited by Nelson Miranda.

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41 Responses to “Columbus Circle Edit”

  1. mr hello Says:

    *kills self by ramming a mop up ass*

  2. Phil Latio Says:

    wtf is wrong with nyc skaters and filmers??????? theres onliy like 1 to 2 people in this whole city who know how to film decently. every other edit looks like shit just like this one. kids these days either have fuckin arthritis and cant hold a camera straight or just waste their allowance on glide cams and still cut off peoples heads in their edits.

    ok i get it. you just picked up a camera and just started filming….but do you not watch skate videos or movies in general? i mean do you see anything else being filmed as shitty as this???????? learn how to use a fucking camera and how to film your friends shitty skating better. so tired of seeing crappy nyc edits. not a good look for the city.

    do you see any cheesy transitions like this in any other edits????? THE ANSWER IS NOOOO. “oh but he just started out…” SO THE FUCK WHAT???? just cause you just started filmin/editin doesnt mean you automatically have to suck and IT DOESNT FORCE YOU to features those shitty effects. FUCK!

    do some fuckin research. watch a skate video and take notes on how skatin is filmed. shit like this shouldnt even be made public let alone be posted on this faggot ass site. i roll ny looks like shit every time crap like this is posted and thats about 80% of the time.


  3. alf Says:

    ^^^ahaha dis ninja went in. sad ting is hes right!

  4. haters Says:

    haters gonna hate

  5. Phil Latio Says:

    faggots gonna fag

  6. Newsline Says:

    ^bros are gunna bro!

  7. duh- Says:

    skate faster, for starters. then worry about filming.

  8. fuck all ya Says:

    All ya niggas is fucking faggots ya need to stfu and stop hating on people at least give them credit for trying you fucking piece of shit why write negative comments.if you have nothing good to say shut the fuck up all ya do is hate and talk shit fucking dickheads.for the dickhead above writing this comment bout the edit above and bout iroll stfu and get the fuck outta here why keep looking at the edits u dumb fuck u got a smart mouth ill dead punch you in your mouth u fucking dickhead funny thing is you do all this shit talking behind a computer you probably have nothing better to do fucking dumb fuck

  9. angelo Says:

    alright its crappy films like this that makes nyc look bad ..umm no you cunt its stupid dick suckers like you sitting down behind a computer talking mad shit all you stupid fucking skaters that all they do is talk shit bout other people make me sick….

    instead of haiting on a video go fucking skate honestly irollny and most of the nyc skating scene is pathetic all ppl do over here is hate on one another….thats why i dont take no skating from nyc or any other place for that matter seriously i do it for fun i dont have time to worry bout how other ppl film so i honestly hope you falll and brake your neck and i mean that i hope i can see you at that one moment too so i can spit on your pathetic face fucking loser get a life…..

  10. nelson Says:

    Best said angelo these fucking fags all they do is hate smh and you’re right about why nyc looks bad cause everybody hates on each other and don’t appreciate each others abilities
    We skate for fun we aren’t trying to be pro or am fucking faggots needa let us be deadass I hope the faggots that hate on us break they fucking legs and can’t skate fucking bums go do something else with ya lives fucking losers

  11. Phil Latio Says:

    learn how to skate and film and edit before you submit your bullshit to this gay site you fuckin ghetto fags.

  12. TomTom Says:

    “watch a skate video and take notes on how skatin is filmed” I hate to agree with this E-Thug but I think this might actually help. Still a pussy though! 😀

  13. evan g Says:

    yo i thought this was dope!it gave me flashbacks from when i first started rolling.kid looked mad hype when he laced that tru soul lol!good shit guys!its not the best edit but fuckit put yourself out there it dont matter what anyone says.keep skating man!

  14. haha Says:

    phil you talkin so much shit wheres your edit at?

  15. sk8fly Says:

    Best edit of the year YEAH !

  16. Gmetaphysics Says:

    To the douche up there. First of all if you were a true skater you would know that the first reason why you watch edits you watch it for the tricks and consistency and smoothness and all that. The filming is just a part of it. There’s been plenty of edits from greats like joe dedentro that have been had shitty filming and i appreciated them because of the tricks. Dude have you ever thought about maybe the guy who filmed this isnt fucking rich? I dont care i appreciate young and coming skaters im one myself but im not gonna shit on these guys either. They did good yeah the theme was alittle funny but overall i enjoyed them skating specially that guy at the end in my opinion he was good.

  17. Phil Latio Says:

    you can come up with as many excuzes you want but the fact that no one disagrees with the fact that the filmin/editin sucks just proves my point. learn how to fuckin film and edit. YOU DONT NEED TO BE RICH TO HOLD A CAMERA STEADY OR TO TAKE NOTES ON HOW SKATING IS FILMED. That’s some strait bull right there!

  18. nelson Says:

    Yo thanks evan g you’re one of the few shit talkers and actually appreciate you know seeing young skaters coming up there’s mad cool skaters just idk why way more haters

    And yo fellatio stfu u fucking douche get the hell outta here you doing all this talking on the internet
    I wanna see you make an edit and let’s see your skating and “superior” editing and filming skills since ur talking so much u fucking prick and do every trick that was done in this edit and if you can’t go do everybody a favor and hang urself ur fucking scumbag I’m pretty sure if you were to die nobody would care u fucking douche

  19. gmetaphysics Says:

    thats one reason why i believe skaters from other states are way better than us because they get support and everyone builds each other up in a positive manner. Thats why i enjoy skating with my few skaters because i can believe in them the same way they believe in me. fuck new york city deadass.

  20. thecityismine Says:

    you guys take things so personal its not that serious you let negative energy get to you just read the negative comments and learn from it sometimes negative things can help you in good ways now you know what you need to be doing right. but regardless to that people might still hate but if your feeling your shit then just keep doing you everyones going to hate even the people that are saying hi to your face. and @angelo how is irollny pathetic? for trying to do what you do and help build the nyc scene?
    even if there wasnt a website you would still hear people talking shit. honestly everyone in ny needs to man up and learn how to ignore little shit like this. everyone thinks the nyc scene is dope but all everyone does is complain and thats whats making us look bad. @angelo one more time i respect what you do im not hating but my opnion about you no issue is its not to well done your last one was all right if you didnt use to many fonts but i respect what your trying to do.

  21. nelson Says:

    Its not even that man we can take the criticism its just douchebags like that guy that all the time talk shit about everybody’s stuff and u shouldn’t be dishing out criticism like the stuff he said if your filming or editing isn’t spectacular you know and sometimes on this website if the person isn’t know they talk mad crap

  22. Phil Latio Says:

    you idiots cant take criticism. everyone agrees this edit sucks film/ediin wise. everyone can deal with the skating cause its ovious these kids are just startin. stop typin useless threats and ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO FILM/EDIT. go to youtube or google “how to edit” or “how to film proprly.” stop makin excuses and step ya game up!!!

  23. angelo ferrer Says:

    That comment isnt from me its the other angelo that is in this edit.

    my opinion is The point of edits like this is to give everyone shine in NYC great or not IROLLNY has a place for them. And that is great in this politick control sport

  24. we out here Says:

    why do ya keep havimg intros telling us what they ride we see it on thier feet dumb asses!

  25. Jo0se Says:

    Shima left USD?

  26. we out here Says:

    ereh tuo ew

  27. V Says:

    phil latio :*

  28. Bruno Delrio Says:

    This edit was pretty nice guys! def. some great tricks in there and that angelo kid is getting good! well you guys all are so keep it up!!

  29. Bruno Delrio Says:

    for future reference when people critisize you guys just skate be humble, talk with your skates and skills and have fun!

  30. the one and only cheeeuck Says:

    quit asap pls<3

  31. I GOT A BIG YANG Says:

    dam ” phil latio” were the fuck is your edit man , , people like you always talking shit behind your computer , ive seen them skate before and there not wack, they pulled out some fire tricks to . every one talks shit but never realizes that every one at point were beginners , so why hate , ? rather than to appreciate edits like this. fucking bitch lol

  32. Phil Latio Says:

    dam “i got a big yang” were the fuck is your edit man comma comma people like you always defendin their shitty friends skatin behind a computer. my focus was on the crappy filmin/editin not the expected crappy skatin. i said it was obvius they were beginners. appreciate the criticism. fucking dick rider.



  33. we out here Says:

    we out here!

  34. I GOT A BIG YANG Says:

    lol lets see one of your films , please? ,

  35. Gmetaphysics Says:

    dude the guy was being fucking creative bro and over time hes gonna get better and i bet hes gonna make really nice edits so how about you ask questions first before just coming to the conclusion that someone sucks automatically. If this person “sucks” at filming i wanna know what you suck at cause i know you definitely suck at something. and like the guy above me said

    please lets see one of your films.

  36. Phil Latio Says:

    dude the guy sucks at being creative bro and over time if he keeps this up everyone else will STILL keep agreeing that he sucks at what he’s trying to do. i bet he’s not going to learn anything from this and still produce shitty edits because all nyc people consider criticism as just hate. ive come to the conclusion that he sucks automatically. you wanna know what i suck at? gettin through to idiots like you and whoever made this shitty edit. cause all i see is a bunch of ghetto bros trtin to defend their boy instead of realizin that he cant film/edit.

    please get off mine and his dick. lets see one of yourfilms.

  37. Gmetaphysics Says:

    dude stfu see now im jumping to the conclusion that your a iroll thug. say whatever you want cause if you were in my face that be a different story. thanks for the laugh though. this is a good edit to me and im going to say that the editor nelson miranda will only get better in time. =D

  38. Phil Latio Says:

    iroll thug? shit sounds poppin!

  39. loso Says:

    first of all “fellacio” if you think irollny is a gay site why are you on it constantly and you must be on constantly to see all these messages ppl are writing and second of all your hiding behind an alias name…. so who are you? no clue? and i bet your youtube footage says “NO VIEWS!”……but anyways on a positive note IROLLNY BITCHES!

  40. wtf is this? seriously ??? what is this ? Says:


  41. Navin Says:

    Yeoo he at shit on that top porn bail at the end. the water is off at 59th i gota go soon.

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