Carlos Montenegro First and Lex Teaser

Featuring Carlos Montenegro at Astoria skate plaza in Queens, NY. Filmed and edited by Cameron Frittz.


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8 Responses to “Carlos Montenegro First and Lex Teaser”



  2. davengo Says:

    Hell yeah Los holds shit down!

  3. Alex Says:

    to be honest i think your a great fucking skater , but remz doesn’t really suit you i liked you in usd or razors but hey man its just my opinion keep it up doh

  4. joaquin Says:

    thats my manz and them lol.. sickoso!

  5. Dan Fabiano Says:

    Drop the Remz, you would look 10 times better in Razors or USDs.

  6. JAYBEE Says:

    oooo shyt my nigga got the remz now it’s over lmao yo the edit was wavy

  7. los Says:

    thnx for the love ny!

  8. the one and only cheeeuck Says:

    stop it slimes!!!! this is diff. not the best skater in the BX… and we should all know that. we no a couple awesome skater from the bx. no need to say names here but if u dont know…. then ya just noobs or poser’s. reply if u dont no any better. ill name a few if ya do.

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